Building Citizenship Skills in Kids

Immersive eXperiences in STEM

Skills and knowledge to become engaged and responsible citizens in our communities.

IXSTEM Projects are excellent tools to foster citizenship skills in students. Using Digital Technology, Coding, Robotics, VR/AR, IoT and AI knowledge in project work to enhance their analytical, logical and technical skills.

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Community Engagment

Our STEM projects are designed to engage and motivate students in the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; as well as the Arts. Reaching out to local schools, councils and industry partners to engage the community and introduce STEM education to a larger audience.

Technology Training

Providing opportunities for students to interact with technology in a hands-on way. Use of Active-Learning techniques to better understand how it works and how it can be used. Include computer coding activities, building simple circuits, or creating digital art in a virtual world.

Problem Solving Challenge

Our STEM projects incorporate fun and engaging activities into technology lessons to keep kids interested and motivated. This can include games, challenges, and creative projects that allow them to use technology in a creative and enjoyable way.

Project Showcase

IXSTEM hosts events that showcase the benefits of STEM education for students. STEM projects are shared in workshops, demonstrations, and at various community events activities that involve kids and parents.

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Park Assets Management

Composting & Waste Management

Metaverse eSafety

Community Eco-Gardens

Rainwater Harvesting

Solar Panel Energy

Green/Renewable Energy

Environment Friendly LED Lightings

Water Conservation

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